Denver photographer travels to Cuba to do free photo session


I think we’re going to see more and more stories like Jason Bach’s, a Denver-based photographer who recently wrote about his trip to Cuba to ostensibly do a free engagement photography session with a young Havana couple. Jason writes about the trip on his website and describes how he was able to get around the U.S. travel restrictions to Cuba using the “support for the Cuban people” excpetion. I’m not going to offer a critique of his interpretation of the OFAC rules because the bottom line is: If U.S. photographers are intent on getting to Cuba, there’s not much stopping them from going. Irregardless of he got here, Jason captures some great images during his time in Havana. Be sure to check them out on his website and Instagram.

One travel professional I know told me that he thinks the rules as they now stand are so loose, they’re meaningless. “They should just get rid of the restrictions, all together,” he told me.

I would guess that depending on the results of November’s election, we could see that happening sooner than later.


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