“I thoroughly fell in love with Cuba thanks to Focused Photo Adventures. This is for someone who wants to shoot with peers rather than get lectured at by a known photographer. You will see your destination through the lens, meet great peers, and learn through experience.

Focused Photo Adventures was very flexible and allowed us to choose some of our own shoots. In one case, they even arranged a custom shoot for me that involved the bunker from the Cuban Missile Crisis. Can you say awesome?”

~ Geoff Livingston

“Focused Photo Adventures (FPA) is a first class tour service for novice and experienced travelers. I recently toured Cuba with FPA led by its knowledgeable operator, Joe Newman. Weeks before our departure he gave relevant, thorough and useful information on what to expect, useful tips for navigating Cuba as well as a very delightful intinerary.

He was flexible, friendly, knowledgeable and supportive throughout the trip. I can’t wait to see another foreign city (Tokyo?) with FPA and I recommend this service unreservedly!”

~ Nana Gyesie

“My trip with Focused Photo Adventures was amazing. Cuba is an amazing place for photography. That said, had I gone by myself I never would have had access to the types of photography I was able to get with FPA. Joe’s knowledge of the “hidden Cuba”, with local contacts made a good trip great. From the visit to a working farm to one on one time with Cuban Jazz musicians. Knowledge of the currency (there are two types that look very similar but have significantly different value), access to little know restaurants, Cuban dancers at their studio, and a private shoot with models and the iconic 1950 american cars. I really feel like I was able to see and photograph the “Real Cuba” and get to know the people that live there.”

~ Charles Butler

“I toured Havana, Cuba, with Focused Photo Adventures in June of 2016: It was one of the best experiences of my life, from a personal and photographic standpoint. The tour was well planned with a balance of scheduled activities and free time. The scheduled activities were very interesting, touching on various aspects of Cuban culture—music, dance, sports, art—and provided opportunities to interact with the Cuban people on an intimate basis. Joe has chosen to work with knowledgeable and passionate locals to choose the best restaurants and accommodations to make his tour rewarding all the way around. It’s apparent that Joe does his research and cares about each detail to make his tour the best value for his customers.

For photographers, FPA is right on time as Cuba opens its borders to US citizens. Havana is an awesome place to explore, and provides myriad photo-ops for photographers of all skill levels, and educational backgrounds, and interests. The city is an interesting mix of old and new, beauty and decay, optimism and despair. If you are interested in seeing and capturing this beautiful city and country before they’re transformed by overdevelopment and commercialism, you should go now, and book with Focused Photo Adventures. You will be greatly rewarded… I was.”

~ Dwight Jefferson

“Focused Photo Adventures led by Joe Newman offers an amazing experience and ideal vehicle for photographers to get together, explore and better understand the multifaceted and nuanced aspects of the people and landscapes of Cuba. Joe’s agenda was full of opportunities to photograph baseball games, boxing, Cuban dancers, Afro-Cuban jazz and other venues as well as the amazing architecture of old Havana and sights around Cuba. Joe provided knowledge and guidance on places to eat and visit that one would be hard pressed to find on one’s own and facilitated a great spirit among all the participants on the trip. I would highly recommend FPA for photographers and enthusiasts of all skill levels.”

~ Jon Sperling